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About RBC Insular

We are committed to helping children with disabilities to be rehabilitated.

We are a non-profit rehabilitation center, where physical therapy, early stimulation, visual stimulation, auditory stimulation and child pedagogy are offered, among others, all people with disabilities, so that they develop both physically and intellectually can be integrated to society

Provide people with disabilities all the resources necessary to develop a comprehensive, spiritual and psychological health, through therapies provided at the RBC Insular center with love, ensuring the well-being of the islanders and their future generations.

Our Mission

Achieving Change

Assist children with disabilities to be independent, to integrate into society without any stigma.

Care & Protection

Our service is for the most vulnerable sector at the island level, taking into account the care of providing all the necessary therapies and conditions to people with disabilities.

Saving Children

Provide a better lifestyle to children with disabilities in the island region through therapies.

Peace On The Planet

As an organization we feel socially responsible for caring for the environment and we work to maintain order in our island area

Increasing Awareness

We are committed to educating the general population of the Bay Islands, that RBC Insular is a center that helps all people with some type of disability.

Sharing Happiness

We like to draw a smile to all children with disabilities by holding different events, bringing gifts on special dates such as Christmas, Children's Day and birthdays.

Board of Directors

Miguel Lenihan


Norberto Marroquin


Wilma Galeano


Raúl Borjas


Ricardo Merren

Vocal I

RBC Team

Gladys Zulema Gomez

Enfermera y terapeuta

Boris Lorenzana

Terapeuta UNAH

Yadira Urre


Kevin Santos Turcios

Asitente Terapia Física

Omar Mejia

Asistente de Aulas